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Shipping with GLOBAL POST

Access the most competitive GlobalPost rates through, energizing your label generation, courier comparisons, and shipping automations for international shipments. Streamline your GlobalPost shipping, saving both time and costs with


GlobalPost Economy

Economic international solution for low-weight and low-values items.

GlobalPost Standard

Delivery solution for lightweight and lower-value parcels.

Use your own negotiated rates with GLOBALPOST

Sync your GLOBALPOST contract rates effortlessly on for instant, personalized shipping quotes. Simplify logistics, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness with real-time pricing tailored to your specific agreement. Elevate your shipping experience.

Unlock seamless international shipping with, your gateway to efficient deliveries through GlobalPost. As a trusted name in international shipping, GlobalPost ensures reliable and timely deliveries, and simplifies the process, connecting businesses and individuals with a world-class shipping experience.

Navigate the complexities of international shipping effortlessly with, your one-stop platform for accessing GlobalPost services. Experience the convenience of transparent pricing and efficient scheduling as you send your parcels across borders with confidence.

Whether you're a business expanding globally or an individual with international shipping needs, connects you to the reliability of GlobalPost. Our platform ensures that your shipments reach their destination with speed and precision, making international shipping a breeze.

Choose today for a hassle-free GlobalPost international shipping experience. With our user-friendly interface and commitment to transparency, we simplify the international shipping process, ensuring your parcels are delivered with the utmost care and efficiency

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