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Shipping with DHL

When you ship DHL using, businesses gain immediate access to exclusive discounted DHL shipping rates, enabling them to save as much as 70% on selected countries

Enterprises of varying scales can now harness the synergy of DHL in conjunction with’s marketplace integrations, shipping automation, rate comparison tools, and batch label processing capabilities.

This integration empowers them to optimize and simplify their logistics operations


Supported DHL Shipping Services

DHL Express Worldwide

Well-established worldwide express service.

Additional Services

Paperless (based on destination country)

Additional benefits

Discounted rates

Deeply discounted off the standard daily rates


Avoid additional surcharges


Updated worldwide DHL tracking and delivery alerts

Minimum Shipments

No minimum shipping volume requirements

Global Coverage

Well-eGlobal coverage with domestic and international delivery services

Repetitive tasks

Automate repetitive tasks with shipping rules

Sync orders

Sync orders directly from your store

Tax & Duties

Full visibility on import tax & duties

Global Fulfillment

Expand using our global fulfillment network

"Unlock the power of seamless shipping with DHL through, your ultimate destination for stress-free logistics solutions. Our platform ensures a swift and efficient experience for sending DHL Parcel shipments, connecting you to the global expertise of DHL Couriers. Trust in our partnership with DHL for your international shipping needs, benefiting from their unparalleled network and reliability. With DHL Express Courier services, your packages are guaranteed to reach their destination with speed and precision. streamlines the shipping process, offering instant quotes and easy booking for your DHL shipments. Whether you're a business looking for a trusted courier partner or an individual sending a parcel abroad, we've got you covered. Embrace the convenience of DHL's international shipping services through – where efficiency meets excellence. Ship confidently, ship globally – get started with for all your DHL shipping needs!"

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