We are expanding our Sales Team!

Are you interested to join us? Here is the great opportunity!


QUUOTE.ME plans to expand our Sales Team all around the world. The job conditions and criteria are given here. Please reach out to us if interested!


Job description:

  • The Sales expert can be in touch with various customers irrespective of the countries.

  • Sales person need to explain these customers about our business, the process of how customers can request Quotes online, & how the business deal is done

  • Once there is a request from your prospects, make sure of proper guidance and follow up with them until the shipment is done

  • Sales persons can be able to develop their own sales team inside, that is called "Child Sales Team"

  • The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) can be monitored online


Experience needed: 

  • Having experience on either Import or Export

  • Having an experience worked on either one of these:
    a) Import & Export department of customer's companies
    b) As a Freight Forwarder


Remuneration based on commission, but enormous!

A Flat rate of 30% up to 70% is not small, is it? Especially, in a job that says one of the most expanding industries today!

Flat commission sometimes stand above the fixed remuneration. Be our dedicated team member & grab our excited commission policies. Join and grow with us!

This offer is not only for full time employees, but also for those who are looking for a parallel job to earn extra money. The opportunities extending even upto retired people or women working from home. 

Utilize this & boost your profit margin!

Interested candidates, please send your CV along with a Letter of Motivation to 


Welcome to QUUOTE.ME Family!