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How to compare shipping rates for FREE?

Compare Shipping Cost Online and Books your shipments quickly!

Today, Marketplaces for the customers requesting Shipping Quotes have become one of the most recent trends. On, each customer can register at a Free of cost and plan online for their Shipments. This specially designed platform offers benefits to both the Customers & Freight Forwarder Networks together. is mainly a Marketplace for the customers (Importers & Exporters) to request Shipping quotes, thereby booking their shipments online. 

Free compare shipping rates

Once signed in, the customer can do Shipping Quotation Requests as needed, thereby receiving a maximum number of quotes from different Freight Forwarders around the world. The customer can select a convenient quote, and book their shipments online through our authorized channels. A fully fledged tracking facility is enabled for each shipment, and the customer can have a direct access to each Freight Forwarder throughout the shipping. 

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